Monday, October 18, 2010

Have a Seat

It's been so long ago since I found this chair on Craigslist that I had almost forgotten what it looked like. Luckily I took a few before pictures. 

Here's my $10 chair.

Have you ever seen something so... "grandmotherly"?

The tufts on the arms were my personal favorite. And that hospital green satin was really nice. 

I saw it and hoped it had potential. I'm still trying to test my ability to actually see potential. I wasn't convinced until I saw the finished product.

And honestly, I couldn't be happier!

I had thought I might paint the wooden frame white, but I love it just the way it is. 

I found the fabric at the Discount Fabric Warehouse in Raleigh. I think it was $7/yard. I ended up buying way more than I needed, but I'm sure I can find a pillow or something to make with the remnants. 

It reminds me of the chairs you see on Ralph Lauren Home - except after I paid for the upholstery I can still afford to eat this month. 

A friend recommended a re-upholsterer in Whiteville, NC that did a great job and was very reasonable. She was about $200 cheaper than some quotes I got in Raleigh so she was worth the drive. And, since I'm spending most of my free time at the beach it wasn't really that far out of the way. 

The pictures don't really show you how well she matched up the lines of the fabric or how soft the new cushions are,  but take my word for it.

I might just end up sleeping in it tonight.  :)


LEW said...

very nice! i likey!

Kelly said...

Thanks Lindsay!

maverick said...

I thank you did a great job