Monday, September 20, 2010

I need a secretary...

Here's a quick example of what blogs have done to me.

I follow a blog called Nest Egg by Rachel. She's the one with the super cute swing that I also fell for...she's an interior designer in Nashville and gets paid to do that stuff. Lucky her.

She did a post last week about a project she saw on Eddie Ross. He used to do things like work for Martha (Senior Style Editor) and House Beautiful (Decorating Editor)... you know, similar jobs to what me and all of my friends do. ha.

Anyway, she showed off this picture.

Just a little something Eddie picked up on one of his trips to a consignment shop. It's Chippendale style. You already know how I feel about this stuff.

It doesn't really jump out at you at first. Kind of looks like something your grandma might have in her formal living room.

But then... look at what he did...

Oh dear Lord above. I'm in love and I want it. I don't necessarily have a need or the room for it, but that doesn't matter.

Ahh, the power of paint... and mirrors. Wow. I'm officially jealous. And on the hunt for something I can make look just like that.

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