Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Table Dance...

I've been on a mission to get this new condo looking a little more like me. Not to mention, I'm making good use of my new found knowledge from all of the other blogs out there. This whole "re purposing"  craze has become my way I can contribute to the green movement. I'm not so good at recycling aluminum cans all the time, but I can find something old on Craigslist and attempt to make it "new" again. 

Exhibit A:

I found this table on Craigslist for $30. A very nice lady in Apex was selling it. In between the first email and the date I actually picked it up I think about a month passed. We couldn't get our schedules to coordinate and she was nice enough to hold on to it until I could get by there. Thankfully, I still wanted it when I showed up. 

I brought it home and got to work. I also had to buy my very first power tool for this one - a hand sander. Watch out now... 

Sanding and more sanding... I don't have a play by play or a how-to. Basically I just sanded it all down, painted the legs white and did my very first stain job. I didn't like coats 1, 2, or 3 but after about 6 coats of stain I started to like what I was seeing. 

And, voila... This is the best picture I could take that showed off the table and the legs. Unfortunately, I may own the most primitive point-and-shoot camera in America and so for every one good picture I take, I have 10-15 not so good pictures. (not to fear, I'm going to have a DSLR camera very soon - it's on the list)

This picture is one of those that isn't nearly as warm but at least it shows off the stain on top. Again... just imagine a really great, crisp picture that only a Canon Rebel XS can provide. It's coming... promise!

Side notes: 

You can tell from the pictures I've finally hung drapes and painted the walls. The drapes are silk panels that I already had. I think they came from a sale rack at JCPenney

And, after ALOT of contemplation and consultation with my go to designer (thanks, Bekah) it was decided to go with Sherwin Williams Sand Dune 6086. Of course, paint colors are always better in person than online, but you get the idea. 

Sherwin Williams Sand Dune 6086

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