Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beach finds...

This past weekend was a great way to start off spring. We headed down to Sunset Beach for an oyster roast with friends. Before the party got started I ventured off to do a little thrift store/consignment store shopping. The great thing about eastern NC beach towns is that they are full of cute little stores just waiting for someone from out of town to by their very nice, but often over-priced goods. We found this great shop near Ocean Isle Beach that had some really great pieces that inspired me to get to work on some things around the house.

For example,

This chair has become part of my "mood board" for my bedroom. I want these colors in my new bedding. I wanted this chair, but I thought we'd start with the comforter first. I've got to get to the fabric store ASAP.

I also found these prints that I think would look great in my coordinating bathroom.

and these two

But perhaps my best inspiration - or the project that may get done this week - was this mirror! I've seen them everywhere and I wanted it. However, my pocketbook did not want the $450 price tag. And so, I was forced to leave it behind. But, I did find a round mirror on Craigslist that is MUCH larger and with a MUCH smaller price tag. (think $20). I'm rounding up my supplies and hope to have some to show off very soon.


Kathryn said...

LOVE the chair!!!

Kelly Graham said...

Thanks Kathryn! Me too! Those colors are amazing!