Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

I'm part of the cult following that loves The Pioneer Woman. I've mentioned her in my own blog a few hundred times and even detailed my own attempts at making some of her recipes (Nantucket Cranberry Pie and The Perfect Pound Cake)

Last week as Whitney and I ventured into our first major attempt at dieting she decided to post the most delicious recipe yet - Sour Cream Noodle Bake. Well, maybe its not the most delicious recipe yet, but when all you've eaten in two days is a cucumber and a few pieces of lettuce it makes an online recipe scream at you.

I was explaining my dilemma to my co-worker, Gloria. She's been supportive of my plight and encouraging when I needed it most. But, today she may have done me in.

She gave me this.

I think I can officially say my diet just got that much more difficult. Any cookbook that can go from chicken-fried steak to sangria and creme brulee is a darn good cookbook in my opinion. 

I'll report back on my weight loss progress just after I finish my next cake! 


Amy Page Smith said...

I made the noodle bake this weekend and it was AWESOME! I hate cottage cheese, but you can't tell it is in there.... you can make it a little better - use some whole wheat pasta and that should help some.....

Good luck!!

Kelly said...

Amy - do not tell me these things! I'm down 5 lbs. and I'm dreaming about sour cream and noodles. This is torture! :)

LEW said...

Totally making that tonight-- I'll report back on how terrible it taste!

Kelly said...

Oohh! Let me know what you think! After our engagement pics tomorrow I'm going to celebrate and make this for dinner!