Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Your Mama's Wedding Video

I stumbled upon this video this when I was doing my routine blog scanning in Google Reader. I don't think it needs much of an intro or explanation other than this - It's Kathryn's wedding video from the blog Snippet and Ink . If you're in wedding planning mode its one of the top 3 in my humble opinion. Kathryn started the blog and just got married herself 4 months ago.

If I was wealthy and could afford these guys from CA to come and make one of these for me I'm pretty sure I'd drop the $6800-9500 it would cost because when the big day is done you'd have this treasure forever. This is seriously the sweetest video I've seen. 

Kathryn + Ryan's Wedding Film from Sandbox Love on Vimeo.

I'm in love with these two people and I've never even met them.

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