Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home at Christmas

I don't have a Christmas tree decorated (and probably won't), its colder than I think NC should be, and I have yet to wrap the first present. But, it's Christmas and I love this time of year! Even if it may look like I'm trying to boycott the holiday.

I've got a lot going on in my life right now - like moving to a new city and starting a new job. (more on that coming up) I'm going to do all of this in the middle of Christmas parties, family gatherings and church festivities. Oddly enough, I think I operate best when pushed to the max.

But, it has made me nostalgic about Christmases past and all of those things that make Christmas what it is. This song is good for that too.

This song also makes me wish they were going to be in the choir at our Christmas Eve service at church. :)

The pictures below also make me ready for Christmas.

These two little people are my most favorite little people to be around. They are my cousin Kasey's little girls, but I'm not sure I could love them more if they were my own. I'm also not sure if there's anything more fun than kids at Christmas.

That's Allie. She's the oldest and in 1st grade. She's the one that likes to dress up and do the girly stuff. She's the extrovert and has never met a stranger. She likes to play in my make-up bag and thinks its so cool that she knows my phone number and she can call me whenever she feels like it - which she does on a weekly basis to give me a status report on getting green lights in school.

And that's Karlie. The baby that isn't really a baby any more. She's four and adores her big sister unless, of course, they're fighting like siblings do. Karlie's more reserved and less excited about talking to people she doesn't know, but if she does know you she'll get to going and won't stop. I love that she still wants to sit in my lap when she sees me,  but more and more I'm loosing my cool points with her. She would rather have the attention of my boyfriend whom she calls "Whit-i-nee" (Whitney). She pronounces it with 3 syllables. She's told me that he is her boyfriend now. I'm much more welcomed in her house if I bring him with me than when I come alone. 

Kasey and I grew up next door and have always been more like sisters than cousins. I can remember when we were their age. After Santa we headed straight for Grandma and Papa's house for breakfast and to open our stockings they had for us. I have no better memory of Christmas than those mornings.

Although this Christmas is sure to be different - this is our 3rd Christmas without my brother Matt and our first without my Papa - I'm excited about the holidays, traditions and getting to slow down, if only for a minute, and enjoy the people I still have around me.

Because before you know it the kids you thought would never grow up...

...soon do!

Merry Christmas!


John said...

And I have some OTHER pics too that show little nieces and nephews growing up far too fast as well! :)

Kasey said...

They both are growing up entirely too fast and having to accept the fact Karlie starts Kindergarten too soon!

They love their Aunt Kelly and so do I :) and Mikey does too! :)