Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Day

Who knew you could cover 110 miles in one day and gain 10 lbs? That's what Turkey Day 2011 did for me. This was my first holiday as a married woman and the first Thanksgiving I've missed with my mom's side of the family. I wish I could have been in two places at once, but my grandma made me some dressing on that Sunday so all was right in the world. 

Whitney and I had lunch with his family in Tabor City first. Our nieces Mary-Gregg and Maggie are getting so big and are so much fun to play with at Sylbie's (what they call Whitney's mom, Mrs. Sylvia). Mary-Gregg likes to use my camera and take tons of pictures which typically turn out better than some of mine... when her subjects cooperate!

Case in point - Whitney wouldn't cooperate.

She snapped this one of me and Maggie. It takes her a minute to get warmed up to the boys. But, Whitney's persistence paid off and by the end of the day she was wrapped up in his lap. 

Miss cuteness with a smile on her face. 

Miss cuteness #2 and the future family photographer. If it's an electronic she knows how to operate it. Where do kids learn this stuff? Kindergarten must be more advanced now. 

After lunch we took the girls outside to play corn hole so we wouldn't fall asleep in a turkey coma on the couch. It turned into a game of hit Whitney with the bean bag.

I had to remind Whitney you can't use kids as bean bags. 

Proof - a few minutes of attention will win over most women. 

And then we were off to Mt. Olive for dinner with my family.

This is one of the only pictures I took but most representative picture of what Thanksgiving is all about at our house. My dad has decided to bbq turkey the same way most people do pork and it was a hit!

 And this was my seat... with all of the desserts! It was so nice to be at home with my dad's family. My grandmother wasn't with us this year because she's in the hospital. We're all saying a prayer that she'll be home soon!

Overall our first Thanksgiving was a great day. I am so thankful for having a husband who loves me (it was our 2 month anniversary on Thanksgiving), a family who has been so good and supportive of everything I've been up to this year and more true friends than anyone deserves.

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